Dear Readers and Friends,

For the past five years AstrologyAndBeyond has been a labor of love but at this time, to pursue other career opportunities,  I am suspending the weekly Astrology column.

In September 2012 to welcome the new Numerological cycle, I will post an overview for the Numerological New Year — and in January I will post the 2013 Astrological overview.  And perhaps, resume the weekly horoscope.

For those living in India or Hong Kong, you can continue reading my monthly Numerological column in Elle Magazine.

Be the Change….. Cheryl lee AstrologyAndBeyond@Gmail.Com

“Doubt yourself, and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself, and you see judges everywhere. But, if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment, and you can see forever”.

Nancy Kerrigan


Ruling Planet: Moon

Career Planet: Mars

Love Planet: Saturn

Money Planet: Sun

Element: Water