About Cheryl Lee Terry

  • Time Out New York: Astrologer
  • LavaLife.com
  • Time Out Children/Student issue
  • Harper’s Bazaar: Thirteen-page GemPower ad special, May 2004
  • Elle: numerologist (1985-99)/astrologer (1995-99): syndicated internationally
  • US weekly: astrologer 1999-2002; continuing contributor
  • Seventeen: astrologer 1998-2003
  • Mirabella: astrologer 1995-96
  • YM: numerologist 1997-99
  • Redbook: astrologer 1998-00
  • Aura London: astrologer 1999-2000
  • Gem.net: astrologer 2000-2001
  • Premiere magazine: monthly handwriting/face analysis
  • New York Post: numerology column, specials
  • London Sunday Mirror: numerology column
  • London Daily Mail: astrology/numerology
  • Harlequin Romance book: astrology/numerology

Contributor to: People, Parent, Esquire, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Spin, Woman’s Day, Dan’s Paper, Entertainment Weekly, Signature, Soap Opera Digest, Cosmopolitan, Country Magazine, AMICA, Woman’s Weekly, Lifetime.com, 6 on Seventh, Harlequin Books, InTouch

Editor and author of 1992 booklet/insert: The Future Is Now

Elle.com: In 1992, Ms. Terry was the first individual to go online with a major cosmetic sponsor: Chanel

TV: Fox’s Good Day, Fox and Friends, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Regis Philbin, Lifetime, Carolyn & Marilyn, A Current Affair, America’s Talking, Fox Cable Show, Rolanda, Sally, and various morning shows aroundthe country

Talk radio: Joan Hamburg, Charlie Tuna, John Woodward, and various stations across the country.

Advertising specials, personal appearances, and in-store promotions with diverse advertisers such as Saks, Ralph Lauren, Stendhal, London Jewelers, et al.

Cheryl Lee Terry has become a brand name in the world of magazines and television on various metaphysical subjects. Advertisers (from Chanel to Absolut) and readers have been loyal supporters of her columns, phone lines, website, and feature articles.

Astrology, numerology, body language, Chinese astrology

Face reading. handwriting analysis, hand reading, numerology

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