Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Woman
Element: Earth
Color: Green, indigo

Dear Virgo it’s time to step out of your box and show the world that you possess one of the most ambitious, romantic and eccentric souls of the Zodiac.

In 2012 the planets are guiding you toward a new adventure and filling your year with amazing new opportunities. Although Mars will lend you his powers until July, between January and February the illusionist Neptune is stirring up old obsessions and confusions. If you stay in tune with your true feelings and focus on your goals, you will end this phase with new plans in place, old projects completed — and ready to face the second half of 2012 with an open mind and clear agenda.

In June, Jupiter moves in with the compatible Mercury‑ruled sign of Gemini for the next 12 months; awakening your earthy intuition, adding brain power and endowing you with immeasurable charisma. This is an excellent time to revive an old writing project or add new color and dimension to your business, work or home. A nice promotion or new job could be the result of a bit of creative thinking. Jupiter won’t be back in this position for another 12 years so make sure you invest his energy into projects and the people you love. This year, dust off your dreams and set in motion a plan for success.

2012 Virgo Relationship Guide: Although Virgos are not the love‑at‑first‑sight type, this year romance could hit you (a few times) like a thunderbolt. And after karmic Saturn moves in with magical Scorpio in October, your relationship sector sizzles. You could hook up with a soul mate and have an amazing social life. Eclectic Uranus is also busy attracting new and different people and someone from a different culture or background may tweak your interest. Wait until the end of the year to make any firm decisions. Committed relationships will be tested between March and September and strong bonds will become more solid and sweetly loving. But all those weak links (this could be in a friendship) will come up for review, and if one breaks, instead of fighting, follow the flow of the Universe with grace and let go.

In February romantic and limitless Neptune moves in with visionary Pisces (in your house of relationship) where he will reside until 2025. This lovely transit could turn you into the Zodiac romantic by softening your critical nature and encouraging you to let others experience the sweetness and compassion of the Virgo personality. This artistic and creative energy will perhaps, make you realize that your life has become a bit stale and that it’s time to open your life and mind to new people with different ideas or make changes you may have never considered in the past. But this is a very long transit and when it’s time for change, as the old Zen saying goes — your Teacher will appear.

June and November’s eclipses will add stress to your work life. To counter these extreme power‑surges, start planning an escape: a short weekend get‑away, an hour in the gym or put a few minutes set aside for meditation. These eclipses will bring about important events or meetings which could introduce new people or projects into your work life. And although you may take on more responsibilities or your job becomes more challenging, this year’s planetary activity is leading to a very successful destination, so keep plugging away and with your Virgo faith engaged — you will arrive.

Karmic Saturn’s two‑plus year transit of Scorpio (the sign of rebirth) will begin in October. This planetary transit will help you recognize both relationships and situations that are no longer necessary or add to your personal happiness or security. And if it’s time to let go, realistic Saturn will safely guide you across this emotional threshold. In both work and personal relationships, do remember the old adage about not cutting old attachments which can be gently untied.

“We always attract into our lives whatever we think about most, believe in most strongly, expect on the deepest level, and imagine most vividly.” Shakti Gawain

Be the Change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012,  Cheryl lee