Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)

Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Color: Blue, pink

Brace yourself! The Cosmos have big plans for the Bull in 2012. Bountiful Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune will continue lending you his substantial powers until June, so keep putting your best foot forward and dress for success. And since this is a charismatic transit, cut down on the texting and emails. A personal call or meeting could make all the difference in an important venture or proposal. And don’t hesitate to mix business with pleasure. Follow through on offers of an introduction or information. And with so much star power between March and April, stay alert because a boring neighbor or seemingly uninteresting conversation at a party or unscheduled encounter, could lead to an important career/job connection.

Yes dear Bull you are, simply put‑‑Fabulous. Just remember to keep your substantial ego in check, take the high road in disagreements and keep your eye on your goals and too‑generous heart.

Taurus may be practical but the Bull is ruled by the luxury/beauty maven Venus. This goddess is unusually busy this year, bouncing around the zodiac, throwing you in the spotlight and giving you brilliant flashes of creative inspiration and raising your profile and reputation. By November you should be ready for wonderful changes that will add joy and security to your life.

When Jupiter moves in with mentally astute Gemini in June, your financial sector is activated, and with your ambitions fully engaged, you could end the coming 12‑month cycle with a new job, career direction or a much improved financial picture. But since this transit may encourage you to become a bit too expansive both in your appetites and your spending, bear in mind that restraint and moderation will lead to the financial security offered by this Jupiter transit.

2012 Taurus Relationship Guide: Because Pluto (ruler of your relationship sector) is now under the influence of stabilizing Capricorn, this is a serious year for love. In a secure, committed relationship, you can reach a deeper bond through communication and thoughtfulness. Still, while Pluto is conducting a retrograde‑review between April and November, this transformative energy will bring up any weakness or flaws in a relationship which, once recognized, can be overcome or repaired. Do be careful not to expect friends or your steady partner to live up to unreasonable expectations; otherwise they may become tired of your critical words and find someone new to play with. Fortunately, the year does have a number of light moments and personal high points, and between March and October sexy Venus will add a touch of glamour to your personality. You could attract a new business partner or love affair.

Because unpredictable Uranus is making everyone a bit ‑‑ unpredictable, you need to stay alert for this year’s irrational, erratic planetary surges which could be fun and interesting — or chaotic and disturbing. Although you are a steady earth sign, this year you could mistake a new infatuation for true love or vice versa. But, most of all, during the year make it a point to do something nice for yourself and laugh out loud at least once a day.

“And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Be the Change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012 Cheryl lee