Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)

Ruling Planet: Neptune
Symbol: Two fishes
Element: Water
Color: Mauve, deep blue

A page is turning in your life as 2012 begins, and before the end of the year, your priorities and definition of success will undergo some startling shifts. Your long-term goals will also be in the throes of a major renovation as mind-altering Jupiter leaves grounded Taurus to begin a year‑long partnership with worldly Gemini. New venues for your work or talents will open, and many Pisces will consider the idea of relocation or a lifestyle change. Dear Pisces, don’t hide because by the end of the year you will show everyone that the little fish can swim with the sharks.

But the year begins on a turbulent note and with Mars throwing a few tantrums and losing most of his powers between February and May; you may have to deal with everything from difficult work situations undermining colleagues to restoring domestic bliss. But there are two dates (mid‑June and October) when you will be given the opportunity to revise your plans or make a serious decision that could alter the course of your work or home life. The choice will be yours, so stay aware of your circumstances, and circumspect in your commitments.

You are about to move into your very own planetary comfort zone. Your ruler, visionary Neptune, enters the spiritual sign of Pisces for a very long stay, lending you both his creative and illusionary qualities. During this transit, your ability to navigate between fantasy and reality ‑ and find a balance between your ambitions and personal happiness ‑ will become a challenge. If you keep your eye on your highest ideals and with your compassionate heart engaged you will make the right choices for you and those you love.

Love and romance are on this year’s cosmic agenda. But while you are on the road to self-discovery, a close partner or loved one may feel left behind. The surprisingly ambitious Pisces can become driven and self-involved. If you consciously stay tuned to your companions, and make a few concessions of your own, this year could become the turning point in your home and personal life. During the first part of the year and particularly in March, small issues or habits that you never noticed before could become a bone of contention. You can let these issues fester and become a bigger problem or — this may be good time to ask how much you are contributing to the problem. And the answer may be the old axiom: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2012 Pisces Relationship Guide: If you are a single Fish there may be more than one interesting romantic prospect circling around this year, so don’t tattoo Mr/Ms. Right’s name on your arm just yet. All Pisces could have a visit from a past relationship ‑ which, may be good for your ego ‑ but don’t make too many promises you will not want to keep, because in June, reality sets in and it’s time to leave the ghost of past romances or an infatuation — behind. October will be a turning point month in your romantic life, and with so many beautiful aspects in play — love promises to triumph over all.

As you cross this year’s important planetary threshold, George Sands words could guide you toward personal and worldly success:  “Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.”

Be the change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012, Cheryl lee