Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Color: Pink, blue, silver

The past few years couldn’t be described as easy or lighthearted for the peace‑loving Libra. But since last June ‑ when lucky and savvy Jupiter moved into a supportive role in your solar chart, you have benefited from other’s generosity and difficult challenges or circumstances beyond your control, have turned into lucky breaks. In June 2012, optimistic Jupiter planet will begin a year‑long transit of expansive Gemini, attracting interesting and supportive people, encouraging you to look beyond your present boundaries and explore the world through different cultures, travel and education.

This important influence comes on the heels of a two‑plus year transit of karmic Saturn. This disciplined and challenging transit put your dreams and ambitions on hold, while teaching you a few difficult but value-packed life lessons. However, Saturn is also known as the great rewarder and benefactor. If you have stayed the course and held onto your highest ideas, starting in August (and with a positive planetary surge in October) new opportunities will materialize. You will be presented with undreamed-of options and choices and, your newly forged skills will come in handy to rebuild new and old dreams — on a solid foundation.

Between the June and November eclipses, although you are the most indecisive of all stars signs, your mind is clear and you have a sterling opportunity to create a solid budget to pay off debts and better manage your personal or family spending.

In 2012 you reach a new level of self-understanding and the realization sets in, particularly between June 24 and July 18 that trying to accommodate and please everyone seldom brings happiness and success. And in fact during this long Saturn transit, the cosmic lesson you have learned is that YOU — are your most valuable possession.

2012 Libra Relationship Guide:  Happily, in 2012 your personal life becomes increasingly stable and loved ones more supportive. New and old ties will grow stronger, especially when Venus glides through your sign in November.

The passionate, courageous planet Mars rules your relationships and endows you with your natural warmth and compassionate heart, but while Mars is recharging his energy supplies between February and April, your legendary diplomatic skills and the strength of certain attachments or partnerships will be challenged. This relationship reality‑check will help you understand certain difficult attractions and realize the changes you need to make. With honest communication you could reach a new level of friendship, commitment and love. Between July and August you are irresistible, and if a relationship has become a bit predictable and stale, with your help and a bit of creative thinking, this Mars/Libra transit will add passion and intrigue to your love life.

Love may not be better the second time around, and between May and June if an old love could drops back into your life ‑‑ although this may seem like an exciting new beginning, more than likely it’s the final episode of this attachment. But if you want to give it one more try, hold off making any serious changes or commitments, because in between August and October the passionate Mars/Scorpio transit could become a bit too fiery and test the mettle of every relationship. Friendships, family ties or love affairs that survive this Cosmic test ‑‑ are worth keeping.

For the past year doubts, confusion and emotional wrangles have tied your personal and work life up with restrains made of indecision, fear and even insecurity. But this year you are moving away from these restrictive planetary influences, and as you feel past chains fall away, all you have to do is embrace the present and believe in the future.

This year you may want to heed the wise advice of Wayne Dyer:”Examine what you believe to be impossible, then change your belief.”

Be the Change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012,  Cheryl lee