Gemini (May 21-Jun. 21)

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Color: Yellow, orange

Buckle your seatbelt! You are entering the most important years in the zodiac cycle. With 2012 and 2013′s planetary backing if you can contain your urge to try everything at once and instead map out your plans, you will touch at least one or two — perhaps more, of the stars on your flight path.

The Twins thrive on excitement, action and change. But the first three months of 2012, you are in a cosmic transition and should cool your jets. Reorganize your closets and catch up on boring work so that you will be ready for an amazing summer. Between May and August your social life is hot, but if you don’t tackle those loose ends and boring details, by July ‑ with three major planets on retrograde slow‑downs ‑ you will be so far behind that you’ll miss the first call of Jupiter’s 12‑month golden transit of Gemini.

Your definitions of success and happiness are changing and in June, Jupiter ‑ the planet of abundance, prosperity and the ruler of your relationships ‑ will give you a year‑long boost unequaled in 12 years. Pluto, planet of transformation and rebirth, is now under the influence of grounded Capricorn, and will help you triumph over destructive beliefs, habits, situations and people. With this star‑power giving you insight and activating your sometimes dormant common sense, this year you can correct your navigation mistakes and fine-tune your career and domestic situation. But by the end of the year, don’t be surprised if you toss the whole lot overboard and completely change course.

2012 Gemini Relationship Guide: The first few months of the year, you will continue to sort out certain relationships that have become more of a burden than blessing while discovering new facets to an old relationship that may need a bit of polishing… but are definitely worth the investment. Between April and August the pace picks up. Venus partners with Gemini and if you are single, don’t sit at home waiting for the phone to ring. Go out and give Cupid a clear shot at your heart. This could also signal the beginning of excellent and perhaps profitable partnerships or alliances. After October, retrograding Jupiter is editing your love life or certain work relationships, and allowing you to rewrite (read: correct) a few pages in a personal or work saga.

Don’t worry that a few old friendships seem to be drifting away this year. This is a natural cycle of growth,  and by allowing this transition to happen peacefully,  in the future you could reconnect with stronger bonds.

“Excellence can be achieved if you risk more than others think is safe, love more than others think is wise, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible.” Anonymous

Be the Change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012 Cheryl lee