Capricorn 2012


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Symbol: Goat

Element: Earth

Color: Navy blue, dark green

If you have reached the bargaining stage of life where you are throwing dimes into the hari Krishna bowls, bargaining with the greater powers, while also (you are a practical Earth sign) building a fall‑out shelter; this is a sure sign that you are trying to deal with King Pluto’s revolutionary transit of Capricorn, where he will remain until 2024. The good news is that in 2012 your natural Cardinal Earth qualities kick in, and with your formidable, grounded nature and determination engaged, you become the master of your own domain and can harness Pluto’s transformative powers.

Unpredictable Uranus will launch a series of life‑changing aspects with transformative Pluto in June and September, bringing into your journey of self-discovery intriguing opportunities and new situations mixed with a bit of confusion. Uranus has a rather reckless nature, therefore before you abandon old goals or relationships; give yourself time to consider all your options. In October you will be more secure in your decisions and ready to step over the next threshold of this journey.

If you are reading this as heavy Cosmic karma ‑‑ Pluto is not alone in the Universe and optimistic Jupiter will continue his transit of passionate Taurus until June, adding new friends, boosting your social life, and arranging intriguing opportunities for romance. This is an excellent time for couples and renewing your vows … or taking new ones. In June when Jupiter moves under the influence of Gemini, he will launch a progressive year‑long vibration that will also enhance career or personal ambitions.

Adding to Jupiter’s positive energy‑surge, Saturn’s two‑plus year, reconstruction‑transit of your work and professional sector will continue to alter your career plans and open new vistas for your aspirations. But the best is yet to come, and when Saturn moves under the influence of savvy and discriminating Scorpio in October, your natural social and networking skills, plus your astute intuition, will come in handy as you are offered the opportunity to widen both your social and professional circles. During this perceptive Saturn/Scorpio transit, you can identify and hone in on your objectives and with your determined spirit engaged, make major steps toward the ever‑moving goalpost of your ambitions. And since Scorpio is very interested in your health, you can finally overcome bad habits, stick to a healthy diet and find an exercise that suits you and your lifestyle.

2012 Capricorn Relationship Guide: The moon rules the Capricorn heart, making you (surprisingly) one of zodiac’s biggest romantics. This year it’s time to show this sentimental side of your personality. And around the June and November eclipses of 2012, certain barriers protecting your heart from love will begin to dissolve. You could be the recipient of a loving friendship, romantic engagement or a warm family reunion that will bring everyone closer together. Cupid is hanging out in your romance sector until June, and although many Goats will walk down the aisle this year, single Goats may have so much fun that they choose to go solo. But things get serious after September and you could stumble across an unlikely but perfect candidate for your heart while working overtime, walking the dog or visiting Mom.

This year reflect on these beautiful words of Krishnamurti: “The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.” ‑

Be the Change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012, Cheryl lee

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