Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Ruling Planet: The Moon
Symbol: Crab
Element: Water
Color: Silver-blue, turquoise

Brace yourself Cancer: It’s time to leave the comfort of your shell and face the world as a winner. Seldom have you been in such a unique position to change the course of your life. This year, Pluto ‑ the planet of rebirth and transformation ‑ will create a quiet revolution in the most secret places of your heart, and in June, Jupiter will move under the influence of creative Gemini and into your solar house of renewal and rebirth. This amazing planetary power will inspire you to return to the core of your being, and transform your life. By consciously connecting with others on both a heart and mental level, you will create a lasting personal support system for your hopes, dreams and ambitions.

The sweet Cancer is surprisingly headstrong and stubborn. And because of the chaotic energy created by the June and November lunar eclipses, whether it’s yoga, hiking or meditation, make a scheduled weekly date to burn off excess emotional energy. In October, responsible and serious Saturn ‑ ruler of your heart and all relationships ‑ will move in with your fellow water sign of Scorpio for a two-year transit. This perceptive and financially savvy combination will attract supportive colleagues and add depth and commitment to every relationship. The trick will be to keep your work and personal life balanced.

Crabs love their home and tend to resist change. But during this two‑plus‑year Saturn transit, you could relocate, resolve a difficult living situation or embark on a major renovation. June’s energy surges could spark feelings of discontent, but with Jupiter moving in with multi‑talented Gemini, if you take another look at an old dream, renew an ambition or strike out in a completely new direction, you may surprise yourself with the discovery that Cancer is one of the most determined and ambitious signs of the zodiac.

2012 Cancer Relationship Guide: Saturn is your friendship/romance guide. After he moves into sexy, committed Scorpio in October a new and intriguing romance that brings stability into your life could become a lasting commitment. However, Scorpio is a no-nonsense sign, and only the truest of friendships, love affairs or honest commitments will survive ‑‑ which, in truth, is a very good thing.

Between August and September, Venus is throwing stardust over you, so make plans for quiet getaways because special relationships will become more mellow and romantic. If you choose to go solo, this will be one of the most awesome social cycles of the year. The emotional intensity of June’s eclipse could help you put a very personal situation back on track or end an unhealthy relationship. The good news is the choice will be yours. A simple formula for this year’s emotional challenges is: be true to your own heart and your heart will be true to you.

Although the Crab is fundamentally conservative and home loving, many are brilliant, extroverted and famous. You look for steady careers that offer security. Between July and August your reputation and financial picture will brighten, so be ready to say yes when you are offered new responsibilities, a promotion or are asked for your ideas or opinion. And since the arts appeal to your love of drama, romance and creative nature, why not step into the spotlight in 2012 and follow one of your more outrageous dreams?

This year follow the sage guidance of Pamela Starr: “Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal”.

Be the Change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012,  Cheryl lee