Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)

Ruling Planet: Mars
Symbol: Ram
Element: Fire
Color: Red

Uranus, the impulsive, unconventional iconoclastic know-it-all planet ‑ which governs motivation, sweeping changes, genius and revolution ‑ moved in with Aries in 2011 and nothing will ever be the same. This year you will follow through on those changes both in your personal life and work that have rattled your foundation. This dynamic and sometimes disruptive Uranus/Aries partnership will insist that you follow a new path of discovery in 2012.

Fortunately, a number of stabilizing planets will help you build a very important foundation to launch your new career, lifestyle or move toward a personal aspiration. In June, expansive Jupiter moves in with the compatible air sign of Gemini, sending you in search of new challenges and adventures. But until this planetary power kicks in, moving up the ladder will not be one of your priorities, whereas expanding your horizons and exploring new venues for your talents will set you up for a change in the coming years. Step off the grid the first half of the year: sign up for a class unrelated to your present job, volunteer for an interesting project that puts you in contact with different people or cultures or brush up on skills that could help you find a new career direction.

You’re courageous and ambitious ruling planet Mars endows you with your passion for life and assertive Aries personality, and you do well in professions that require willpower, self-confidence and lighting‑decisions. But while your ruler Mars is recharging his energy supplies between February and April, instead of running in every race, focus on one step at a time and reward yourself with a little emotional and mental downtime.

SATURN, ruler of your career and work, will move in with the visionary sign of Scorpio in October, sending you on a search for more meaning to your life and work, and with restless Uranus in a seven‑year partnership with Aries, in the next two years you could completely change the direction of your career, life quests and discover new value in old partnerships. However, this Cosmic mix will also throw a realistic light on certain relationships that have become problematic or hurtful, and make you question how, in the past few years, you could have been so far off the mark about individuals you may have put on a very high pedestal. If need be walk away gently, and you won’t have any regrets or speak spiteful, grudge‑bearing words.

But by late October while your ruler Mars is whooping it up with party Sag ‑‑ plan family parties, reunions with old friends or, since your body probably needs a tune-up add a few hiking/biking exercise weekends to your agenda.

2012 Aries Relationship Guide: Aries have a rep for being free spirits and enjoying going solo. This year the cosmos are supporting your independent spirit. But no matter if you are single or in a committed relationship, until June you are in a holding pattern; there won’t be too many upsets and the status quo will rule. But after June, you will crave either your independence or a much more serious commitment from your partner. But do weigh your heart’s desire verses your worldly ambitions, because the relationships you end this year will not be back for a return engagement. After August your love life picks up, and with an open heart, you could meet a soul mate, rediscover an ember of passion in your long‑standing relationship or a dating situation ‑ becomes much more fun and serious.

As you travel through this year’s Cosmic Maze, consider the sage insight of G.K.Chersterton: “An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.  An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”

Be the Change — in your own life.  With warmest wishes for 2012 Cheryl lee